Gerald Abelson, MBA

Founder and CEO

As the founder of MNC Capital, Gerry has demonstrated exceptional insight and experience that have guided hundreds of successful Mergers and Acquisitions over the past 45 years. His extensive operational expertise is particularly noteworthy, as evidenced by his impressive career history.

During his tenure as VP Finance at the billion-dollar Canron Inc., Gerry played a pivotal role in building a thriving plastics division for the organization. He also served as the Director of Operational Consulting/Internal Audit, further showcasing his versatility and strategic acumen.

Gerry’s career also includes several senior financial positions at the formerly publicly traded Steinberg Inc., another billion-dollar company. There, he played a key role in pioneering innovative concepts such as big box food retailing, private label, and strip shopping centers.

Gerry’s expertise and leadership have been widely recognized, as evidenced by his service on numerous boards and his authorship of several award-winning articles. These accomplishments cement his status as a respected industry thought leader.