MNC Capital Represented Elixia on a Transformative Divestiture

April 26, 2024

On April 26, 2024, American Clinical Research Services (ACRS) acquired Elixia, LLC.

MNC Capital Inc. represented Elixia, LLC (“Elixia”) in the sale to American Clinical Research Services Holding, LLC (“ACRS”). Located in Hollywood, Florida, Elixia is a distinguished multi-specialty clinical research network with operations spanning Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Missouri. Elixia has carved a niche in tackling complex clinical challenges across nephrology, neuroscience, and infectious diseases, with a notable focus on renal and hepatically impaired patients at its 40-bed Phase I unit in Tampa, Florida.

ACRS, formed by Latticework Capital Management LLC, is a Dallas, Texas-based industry-leading clinical research entity. ACRS links a vast network of multi-site clinical research facilities with a global patient recruitment operation, conducting Phase I-IV studies.

ACRS’ strategic acquisition of Elixia amplifies their shared commitment to advancing research in challenging therapeutic areas like nephrology, neuroscience, and infectious diseases. This union enhances their resources, expands their site capabilities across multiple states, and improves their ability to launch and sustain studies that can significantly enhance patient outcomes.

About MNC Capital

MNC Capital is a well-established Mergers and Acquisitions firm with over 45 years of experience in the industry, with expertise in both buy-side and sell-side transactions. The company has built a strong reputation, particularly in the healthcare sector, and is known for its ability to execute complex transactions. The successful execution of MNC Capital’s sell-side process for Elixia has resulted in the company finding the ideal partner, ACRS, for their next phase of continued success, while maximizing Elixia’s enterprise value. 

MNC Capital’s comprehensive understanding of a wide variety of industries, coupled with a vast network across North America and Europe, positions the firm as the preferred partner for companies seeking growth through acquisitions or looking to divest. MNC Capital offers tailored services to both buyers and sellers, enabling its client base to leverage the firm’s deep industry knowledge and extensive network to achieve their strategic objectives.